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Long-Lasting Vinyl Flooring Perfect for Melbourne’s Offices and Homes

Choose an eco-friendly and stylish option for your home. Vinyl flooring has quickly become a popular option because it offers the same benefits of carpet flooring (comfort, warmth, and absorbs footsteps) while being easier to maintain. Bentleigh’s Brighton Flooring offers this revolutionary system at a price anyone can afford.

A great option for any room in any home! We are proud to supply this system at a competitive price anywhere across Victoria. Whether you’re in Malvern or Toorak in south-east Melbourne like us, or outside the city in Brighton or Hampton, we’ll gladly help you get the property of your dreams.

Vinyl’s Six Layers Deliver Exceptional Comfort and Durability

1. Top

The topmost layer adds sheen and also gives additional protection on top of the wear layer.

2. Wear

The wear layer provides protection against scratches, impact, liquids, and such. It’s a very important layer that makes vinyl flooring easy to clean and maintain.

3. Pattern

This layer is the one that provides the design, pattern, and colour. The pattern layer is basically composed of a high-resolution photo of the design. This layer is carefully crafted using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

4. Cushion

This layer helps add bounce and texture to the floor, ensuring that it doesn’t look and feel flat.

5. Fiberglass

The fiberglass layer has an important function of keeping the vinyl sheet flat.

6. Base

The layer at the bottom provides support to all the other layers. It’s an essential part of vinyl flooring and acts as the foundation of the flooring.

Why People from Hampton to Toorak and Beyond Love Vinyl Flooring

Wide Variety of Designs and Styles

The range at our Bentleigh showroom comes in an enormous selection of different styles, making it perfect for any room in any house from Hampton to Malvern. Vinyl can easily replicate various textures and substances with high detail and realistic texture. The best designers in the world continue create classic and modern styles that mimic wood, stone, slate, and tiles.

Barefoot Comfort

The great thing about vinyl is that walking barefoot is warm and comfortable on both cold and hot weather.


A unique characteristic of vinyl is that it can be endlessly recycled. Additionally, Brighton Flooring’s produces contain zero traces of heavy metal, solvent-based ink, PCP, formaldehyde, and carcinogenic components. Definitely a very green flooring choice!

High Durability

Manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, Brighton Flooring products provide incredible scratch, stain and impact resistance. A great choice for heavy traffic areas in your home!

Highly Resistant to Water

This system is completely waterproof, resisting water and spills – making it easy to clean. This is also the reason why it’s such a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Quick Installation

We provide our product across Victoria in Toorak, Hampton, Malvern and throughout the Melbourne area in sheets, individual tiles, and planks. Each model is easy and quick to install (mostly using a unique click system).

Easy Maintenance

Our floors are very easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is sweep or vacuum regularly to keep dirt and grit away. Thanks to its multi-function layers, cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free!

Buying Tips

Since there are thousands of varieties of vinyl flooring, it may be hard to spot the right one for your home. Many vinyl flooring service providers often recommend their bestsellers but the problem is that they don’t know exactly what you need.

Below are some buying tips to help you find the vinyl flooring that’s right for you:

1. Look and feel the vinyl up close

The thing is, showrooms have lights that are designed to enhance interior beauty. Vinyl flooring can look totally different at home. Observe the texture and colour up close if you can!


2. Make sure you pick a style that matches your walls and decor

Vinyl flooring wouldn’t look great on its own. You need to match it with your interior design. Insist to see a sample in the room where you plan to install it.

3. Consider price as an important factor

There are so many types of vinyl and you can expect a pretty wide price range for each. It’s important to know that price can determine quality and function. Make sure to ask salespeople about the features of each!

4. Ask about installation methods

Vinyl flooring providers would be glad to install your newly bought vinyl flooring for you. Make sure to ask them what the procedure is and when someone do the actual measurements in your home.

We Offer Professional Vinyl Flooring Services

Looking for a reliable flooring service provider with years of experience in the industry?

Brighton Flooring delivers the finest selection of high-quality flooring products. We provide you with vinyl flooring for any room in your home that can last for years with low maintenance!

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