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Comfortable, Durable Carpet Flooring for Bentleigh and Throughout Melbourne

A very popular choice for rooms that demand a warm and comfortable feel - bedrooms, leisure rooms, offices, etc. Carpet from Brighton Flooring in Bentleigh gives you the freedom to take off your shoes anytime, and you’ll never worry about cold flooring. Simply put, it’s heaven for your bare feet!


We have a wide array of residential and commercial carpets to choose from! We are proud to make these high-quality systems available for more people across Victoria and in Melbourne’s south-east. Have our professional team install new carpeting in your Bentleigh or Hampton home, or your Malvern or Toorak office.

Why You'll Love Carpet in Your Melbourne Home

High Durability

Our carpets don’t deteriorate easily. Due to years of experience and expert craftsmanship, you can ensure the durability of our flooring - no matter how many people walk on it each day!



Our carpets are made from premium quality fibre (wool, nylon, solution dyed nylon SDN polypropylene, or polyester) which makes them so soft and foot-friendly. This provides lasting comfort that doesn’t tire out your feet. What else can you ask for?



Since carpet flooring is very soft, it naturally provides safety to you and your family. This is great if you have kids that regularly run around the house. Falling on a carpeted floor doesn’t hurt that much and wouldn’t lead to any serious injuries.


Provides Warmth

These floors provide extra insulation to any room in any home in Malvern, Hampton and anywhere in across the state. Using a good quality underlay (or choosing a denser flooring) will also help maximize warmth and comfort that your carpet provides. It’s a great choice that's perfect for the cold weather!


State-of-the-art Carpet Flooring Systems for Brighton and surrounds

Our range is manufactured with several state-of-the-art technologies and backing systems. Whether you’re next door in Hampton or Bentleigh, north of the Yarra or are outside Melbourne all together, we’ve got the range you need. Brighton Flooring is proud to offer the following systems to customers across our Victorian service area.



Protects the subfloor with a polymeric membrane layer and also contains spills associated with aged care and health facilities.



The number one backing system in the world that makes fitting wall-to-wall carpet hassle-free. This stable and strong system provides a unique underfoot comfort, acoustic, and thermal insulation.



An advanced anti-stain technology that highly resists soil and stain. This is why our carpets are easy to clean and can look brand new for months or even years!


Aesthetically Pleasing

Using the latest technology and equipment, our carpets are repeatedly sheared to bring out an extra fine velour finish. There are also a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from, which makes it easy to match any interior. Carpets luxuriously highlight the interior design of even the most richly appointed Malvern or Toorak home or office -- complementing your furniture, wall decor, and/or artwork.


Naturally Absorbs Footsteps

Carpet naturally absorbs footsteps which greatly reduce the sound between floors. If you’re expecting a lot of foot traffic on higher floors, carpet flooring can be a great choice for residential and commercial properties in Toorak and Hampton.


Helps Clean Air

Our carpet flooring is manufactured with an advanced technology, ActiveCare, which is a self-renewing odour neutralizer. With this technology, our floors help clean, purify and freshen air indoors.


ActiveCare also neutralizes gases and is constantly active to organics such as milk, urine, faeces, etc. This means our systems produce little to no VOC emissions.


Asthma and Allergy Friendly

The Sensitive Choice program of the National Asthma Council Australia approves our carpet flooring. This means that our flooring is ideal for people that want a cleaner and healthier indoor environment and even for people with asthma and allergies.


Through several technologies (Ultra Fresh, ActiveCare, and EasyBac), our flooring solutions help to reduce known asthma and allergy triggers such as dust mites, mould, mildew, and VOCs.


Cost Effective

Brighton Flooring’s carpet flooring is pretty cost effective since there are a lot of designs and styles to choose from that can fit your budget. They are highly durable and can last for years or even decades!

Buying Tips

Choosing the right carpet flooring is a very important step. Most homeowners tend to observe only the colour and style of a carpet -- choosing the one that appeals best, aesthetically. Remember, lighting and other factors in your actual home may make the carpet look different.


Quality is probably the most important factor. Only choose carpet flooring provided by a reliable and experienced manufacturer.


After finding the perfect carpet for your home or office, your next step should be finding the best services in your area.


Below are some tips for buying carpet:


1. See and touch samples up close

This will help you get a feel of each carpet.


2. Learn which style is ideal for your home or office

Basically, there are four carpet styles that you can choose from: plush, textured, loop pile, and twist. Below is a brief description of each to help you make the right choice:



Plush carpets boast a smooth and even style, which is great for both formal and casual settings. This is a pretty popular in the market for both residential and commercial properties. The great thing about plush carpets is its simplicity, elegant and solid-colored look, and durability. Lastly, you can find tons of different solid colors with this carpet style!



Textured carpets are manufactured using low-density fibers of differing or uneven heights. This allows additional depth to any room in your home or office. There are different designs available for textured carpets such as striped, subtle, and plain patterns.


Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets have visible loops since yarn tips aren’t cut during the manufacturing process. Overall, they are very durable and are ideal for any purpose. This can add elegance and luxury to any area in your home and office -- not to mention the extra comfort it provides. There are various styles of loop pile carpets: level loop, cut and loop, and patterned multi-level loop.



Twist carpets are great for areas expecting heavy foot traffic due to its durability and easy maintenance. This carpet style is manufactured by twisting yarn tightly together, which adds a stylish design and significantly boosts durability. If you have pets, twist carpets are a great choice because cleaning this style of carpet is pretty easy. A stylish and durable choice for your home or office!


3. Pick a style and design that complements your interior

There are different ways to match your carpet flooring with your interior. Hiring an interior designer can help you pick the right carpet color, style, and design for the various areas in your home or office. Also, different colors have a psychological effect on the mood and atmosphere.


The color blue, for example, boosts productivity and focus due to its calming effect.


4. Look for an underlay that suits your carpet

Underlays can help absorb sound, extend the life of your carpet flooring, protect the floor beneath, and make carpet flooring easier to clean. The carpet must be installed according to the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards.

We Offer Professional Carpet Flooring Services Around Melbourne

You need professionals to help you choose the right carpet flooring. They also ensure that your carpet is installed according to the several requirements set by the relevant Australian Standards.


Brighton Flooring delivers the finest selection of high-quality flooring products. We can provide you with carpet flooring that will last elegantly for years! Contact us today


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