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If you’re looking for an elegant and eco-friendly flooring solution, you might want to consider bamboo flooring. Strands of bamboo are woven, pressed and treated to create stunning flooring that not only looks great, but also boasts unmatched strength. At Brighton Flooring, we are proud to offer the highest quality bamboo hardwood flooring for homes and businesses alike. Whether you want grey bamboo flooring or other colours, our bamboo flooring contractors have you covered.

The Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo timber flooring offers a multitude of benefits for home and business owners. Some of these advantages include:

  • Our bamboo wood flooring features eleven coats of scratch-resistant coating, offering excellent protection against scratches and impacts. It also features a core layer of bamboo that provides strength, durability, colour and moisture content.
  • Bamboo is a highly renewable and eco-friendly flooring option, grown in large amounts on specialised plantations in five to six year cycles.
  • Our bamboo floating floor solutions boast excellent resistance against water damage, termites, foot traffic, stains and more.
  • Bamboo flooring requires minimal maintenance. Sweeping or vacuuming the floors once a week is more than sufficient for keeping them in good condition.
  • Bamboo floating floorboards possess very low VOC emissions, making them ideal for asthma sufferers and people who are susceptible to allergens.

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Brighton Flooring is a leading supplier of bamboo flooring in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.
Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our products or enquire about bamboo flooring prices. 

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