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Bentleigh’s Laminate Flooring Experts, Working Across Melbourne

Get a floor with the wear resistance, moisture resistance, balance, and sophisticated design that a room needs. If you’re on a budget, laminate flooring from Brighton Flooring will give your home the elegance and beauty of a wooden floor. Trust us, this is a great choice.

Elegant and tough flooring for a price you can afford! Interested in getting one in your home? Contact our Bentleigh office for service across Victoria. We’re located close to the Brighton and Hampton areas, but nowhere is too far for our team. Whether you’re in Malvern, Hampton or Sunbury, rely on us for excellent service across the greater metropolitan region today.

Laminate’s tough construction provides improved durability

Bonded together with high-pressure machines, its four-layer structure provides protection, comfort, and design -- making it perfect if for heavy foot traffic, kids, and pets.

1. Wear-Resistant Transport Layer

This is the topmost layer that’s highly resistant to wear and tear caused by stains, impact, burns, scratches, and various household chemicals. Composed of micro melamine layers which are pressed using high-pressure machines, it provides superior durability. Also, it is finished with realistic texture that mimics wood or tile.

2. Design Layer

Second is the design layer, which is basically a high-resolution photo of the design d(wood, tile, etc.). This component is carefully crafted using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to perfectly mimic natural wood or tile.

3. HDF Core Board Layer

Otherwise known as the ‘heart’ of the system, HDF (high-density fibre board) is made from refined wood fibres and top quality melamine resin. The great thing about the core is its homogenous composition, durability, stability, and high moisture resistance.

4. Balancing Layer

The bottommost section is referred to as the balancing layer since it guarantees a balanced flooring upon installation. Also, it has high resistance to moisture -- backing up the HDF core.

Buying Tips

There are so many options to choose from when buying laminate flooring. Still, it is wise to actually see and feel each option before you decide to buy. We’ve compiled a few helpful tips that’ll make you buy the perfect laminate flooring for your home:

1. Consider the thickness and length of each option

Manufacturers always include the thickness and length of their product. The thicker the laminate is, the better it resists bending caused by uneven areas in your home. Plus, thicker means quieter. The longer the boards the more realistic it looks.

2. Ask about warranties

Warranties are a good thing to have though not having one isn’t actually a loss. Make sure to do your research before deciding to purchase

3. Choose the texture that's right for you

Most laminate flooring services provide different types of textures, such as:

  • Embossed
  • Embossed in register
  • Hand scraped
  • High gloss

We can help explain the pros and cons of each one

4. Understanding AC Rating

The higher the AC rating, the more a laminate can resist wear and tear. Typically, AC rating varies from AC 1 - AC 5.

Why Homeowners from Bentleigh to Toorak to Brighton Will Love Laminate Flooring

Highly Resistant to Fading and Discoloration

The topmost layer protects the floor from stains, UV light, dirt, mud, etc. No need to worry about fading or discoloration. A great option for hallways and entryways!

Highly Resistant to Impact and Scratches

The system’s HDF core and its topmost layer allows high resistance to impact and scratches. No need to worry about wearing high heels, falling objects, and high foot traffic!

Wide Array of Designs and Styles

Laminate flooring is very versatile. Brighton Flooring’s Bentleigh-based showroom stocks tons of designs and styles to choose from and we’re sure there’s one that’ll perfectly fit any home from Hampton to Malvern and across Victoria. The great thing about this material that it can be designed to look like natural hardwood, natural stone, ceramic, etc.

Easy Maintenance

Due to its four-layer structure, laminate flooring is very resistant to stains, spills, dirt, and moisture. This makes cleaning and maintenance effortless.

Quick Installation

Installing this system is no-brainer. Our laminate floors have a unique click system that makes it very user-friendly, quick, and easy to install. Whether you’re building an office in Brighton or Malvern or renovating your Toorak or Hampton home, our team delivers fast, simple installation.

Compatible with Floor Heating

With the right underlay and proper installation, this system is perfectly compatible with floor heating and cooling.

Prevents Static Electricity

The floor is finished with a special coating that has anti-static properties. Now, you’ll never experience those annoying static discharges!


We Offer Professional Laminate Flooring Services

You deserve only the best laminate flooring services in Melbourne. It’s an investment you cannot just ignore!

Brighton Flooring delivers the finest selection of high-quality flooring products. We can provide you with laminate flooring that will last for years even on low maintenance!

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