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The Classic Elegance of Timber Flooring in Your Melbourne Property

Always a great choice for those who want timeless beauty in their home. Timber flooring from Bentleigh’s Brighton Flooring is innovative and built for those with an eye for design - complementing any style from classic heritage to modern contemporary.

You’ll also love the fact that our products are very resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for residential and commercial spaces across Malvern, Toorak, and the greater Melbourne area.

Why Homes from Hampton to Cobram Love Timber

Timeless Beauty

Thanks to the unique manufacturing process (surface brushing, surface distressing and environment-friendly coatings), our timber flooring provides a unique appeal to every homeowner. It is designed with passion and will last for generations -- only looking better through the years.

Highly Resistant to Heavy Foot Traffic

Timber is naturally tough, making it last for years even with heavy foot traffic. Durability, beauty, and a luxurious look in every room -- an excellent value for your money!

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Using high-tech facilities and top-quality manufacturing techniques, our timber floors are guaranteed to be one of the highest quality in the market. You can see and feel the difference!

Handcrafted Boards

Every single timber board is handcrafted to maximise quality. We have professional artists that utilise different techniques such as tool marking, hand scraping, nail marking, saw marking, and wire brushing.

Low VOC Emissions

Our products are bonded with Casco adhesives that provide high bond strength and very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions. Rest assured knowing that our products are safe for your family’s health!

KLUMPP Coating

Every timber floor installed by Brighton Flooring from Malvern to Hampton and across the state is coated with KLUMPP coatings that help preserve its beauty for decades while also giving high resistance to scratches and UV rays. This coating also makes them so easy to clean!

Buying Tips

Not all timber flooring are made the same. Choosing the best one for your home may be a backbreaking task but, lucky for you, these buying tips will make choosing the right timber flooring and services an easy task.

Read our buying tips below and save yourself from any regrets:

1. Choose your timber flooring prior to redecorating or refurbishing your home

Truth be told, paint and paper colours appear differently at home depending on how light or dark your flooring is. Make sure to match the colour and style of your walls to your timber floors!

2. Listen to your supplier

Some people think that suppliers try to fool customers into buying more than they need. But they’re experts with a wealth of experience. They can provide you with valuable and practical advice and information.

3. Experiment with Cleaning and finishes on a spare board before installation

Before installing timber floors, it would be wise to test it first. It would be way harder to fix it once it’s installed.

4. Always Choose Environment-Friendly

Only choose timber services that only deal with manufacturers who use timber from sustainable forests.

Timber Flooring – Easy on You, Easy on the Planet

Simple Maintenance

Homeowners from Toorak to Sunbury and throughout Victoria have fallen in love with our products because they do not stain and retain odours. It’s surprising that such a luxurious type of flooring can be very easy to clean.


Wood is a perfectly renewable material for flooring. It’s naturally environment-friendly but our products take it a step further. It is made from wood planted on rubber plantations, meaning they are felled once they run out of rubber to produce. Enjoy your timber floor and sleep well knowing that you chose an eco-friendly flooring.

*Qualifies under the Green Peace Australia’s Good Wood Guide since it’s as much as 75% renewable.

Instant Gratification

Timber flooring requires absolutely no post-installation coating or work, as they’ve been pre-treated with 2 layers of high-quality oil or 7 layers of UV-cured coating. No sanding needed. No dust to worry about. No varnishing, painting, or oiling required. You can sit back and relax as soon as it’s installed!

Quick Installation

Hassle-free installation is in the palm of your hands when you buy from Brighton Flooring in Bentleigh. Our timber floors have a unique click system that makes it very user-friendly, quick, and easy to install. Whether you’re replacing the floor on one room in Hampton or are redoing an entire home or office in Malvern or Toorak, you’re assured fast, easy installation each and every time.

We Offer Professional Timber Flooring Services

Brighton Flooring delivers the finest selection of high-quality flooring products. We can provide you with timber flooring that will last elegantly for generations!

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