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Bamboo Flooring from Melbourne’s Top Professionals

Give your home a very eco-friendly choice that’ll lend an elegant feel to any space. Bamboo floors are typically made of tiny strands of bamboo which are woven, pressed and treated to create a strong and beautiful flooring.

Green, easy to maintain and elegant - a great choice indeed. Combined with Brighton Flooring’s excellent Victoria-wide service, you’ll have beautiful, durable flooring for your Toorak or Bentleigh property sooner.

Two functional layers give our bamboo flooring its strength

1. Scratch Resistant Top Layer

Our bamboo floors go through state-of-the-art finishing techniques, using at least 11 coats of scratch resistant technology coating. This layer provides a strong protection against scratches and impacts.

2. Bamboo Core Layer

Our floors are composed of a 14mm thick solid bamboo layer that provides durability, strength, density, colour and moisture content. This is made possible by the high-tech manufacturing process that makes use of several cold pressed techniques.

Buying Tips

There may be a lot of bamboo services in your area but, the question is, how do you find the right bamboo flooring for your home?

Here are a few buying tips:

1. Ask About Warranties

Does the manufacturer offer warranties on the product? This is a great indicator of quality.

2. Ask About Surface Treatment

Low grade bamboo flooring is often coated with only two to three UV coatings. It’s wise to pick a high end variation with at least six coatings of UV protection.

Why You'll Love Our Bamboo from Toorak to Malvern and Beyond

Compared to other timber used for flooring, this is a highly renewable choice. Our floors are made from bamboo grown on plantations. These are regrown in 5 to 6-year cycles, making it a highly renewable source for quality flooring. It also grows 75% faster than hardwood trees, making it a green choice for homeowners!

Easy Maintenance

The great thing about this option is that it only requires you to sweep or vacuum at least once a week. Its topmost layer provides protection against dirt, spills, and such. Spend less time cleaning your Malvern or Hampton home with bamboo flooring!

High Durability

Bamboo flooring is a very durable choice, making it ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. This wood naturally has a high tensile strength with a 15.8 Janka hardness rating. Its durability makes it last for decades and even longer with good maintenance.

Highly Resistant to Water

Bamboo is naturally resistant to water damage. But systems from Brighton Flooring offer more resistance and durability with a combination of an advanced coating system and high board density. You can be confident that whether you’re installing it in an office in Hampton or Toorak or a home in Bentleigh or Malvern, or any sort of property across the state, your flooring will last for years with proper care and maintenance.

Highly Resistant to Scratches and Impact

Boasting its 11 layers of quality SRT coating, this system provides high resistance to scratches, and impact thanks to its high Janka hardness rating (15.8). A tough floor for active people in your family!

Naturally Resistant to Termites

Bamboo is well-known to be naturally resistant to termites. You won’t ever have to worry about those tiny insects feeding on your flooring!

Low VOC emissions

Our bamboo floorings go through long processing and curing before they’re ready to be sold. Using state-of-the-art equipment and cold press manufacturing techniques, very low VOC emissions are made possible, meaning it’s 100% asthma friendly!

Wide Boards

Our boards are 185 cm long and 13.7cm wide on average. These allow a modern look that’ll fit wonderfully in any room in any home, whether you’re in Malvern or Toorak or in want a more rustic look for property in Geelong or Kilmore. Your family will surely love the natural beauty of bamboo!

Easy Refinishing

Just like other types of wood, bamboo flooring may become discoloured or scratched over time. No worries! It can be easily refinished by sanding and reapplying finishing coats.

Adds a significant resale value to your home

Realtors have noticed that this flooring is a preference that many home buyers share. This is why installing it in your home can add a significant resale value upon resale. Whether you’re in Brighton or Hampton, near our showroom in Bentleigh, or anywhere across metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria, you’ll find this flooring to be a great way to increase your home’s ROI!

Quick Installation

You’ll be pleased to hear that these systems are very easy to install thanks to our unique and user-friendly click system.

Flexible Installation

You can choose to install your new flooring over timber, fibreboard, concrete, or even chipboard. Bamboo is suitable with all of these sub-floors.


We Offer Professional Bamboo Flooring Services

You deserve the best bamboo flooring services you can find. With years of experience in the flooring industry, we can deliver you the best quality service and products that you’re looking for.

Brighton Flooring delivers the finest selection of high-quality flooring solutions. We can provide you with bamboo flooring that will last for years with low maintenance!

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