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Low-Maintenance, Attractive Floor Tiles at Bentleigh’s Best Prices

Get the flooring that suits your lifestyle. Tiles from Brighton Flooring are a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Spill anything and you can clean it up quickly and easily. You’ll also love the fact that they are very resistant to water and other liquids. They add value to any home since it needs little maintenance plus it’s very affordable!

Choose Brighton Flooring for your tiling jobs and have the solutions your property needs anywhere in the Victoria. Although we’re based we’re local to the Hampton, Toorak and Malvern area, we service the greater Melbourne metropolitan area and across Victoria.

Why You'll Love Our Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Highly Resistant to Water and Stains

Tile flooring has a protective layer that highly resists water and stains. This is great to have since it makes cleaning easier and provides an improvement on safety in your home.

Lasts for Decades

Ceramic kitchen and bathroom tiles are very durable and are also difficult to crack. If well maintained, they can last up to 20 years or even a lifetime!

Easy Maintenance

Floor tiles require little maintenance since dirt, stains, and liquids stay on the surface. This makes cleaning as easy as wiping or sweeping the floor. No need to spend a lot of time cleaning your home -- make your life easier with a bit of smart flooring!

Our floor tiles are good for you, your home and the environment

Wide Variety of Designs and Styles

At our Bentleigh showroom, have a wide array of tile choices with different colours, shapes, textures and styles. You can easily match them to any room, expression, ambience, and artistic style. Whatever your style and whether you are in Victoria, you’ll love the choice on offer here! We welcome enquiries whether you’re in Malvern or Toorak, or far out of the city, because everyone deserves a home they can be proud of.

Promotes a Healthy Indoor Environment

Choosing kitchen or bathroom tiles helps keep indoor air clean and fresh. Our tiles are processed in high-temperature kilns, which makes it have little to no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs have been known to cause a variety of health problems. Also, our products are highly resistant to germs, mould, dust mites, and bacteria.


Whether you’re down by the bay in Hampton or up bush near the Murray, the Brighton Flooring range of products are the perfect choice for eco-conscious homes. Built to be environment-friendly since they are made from natural clays and water, using high-temperature furnaces. This means that the materials used in the manufacturing process are 100% environment-friendly and natural.

Buying Tips

Just like other flooring types, you can’t just pick tile flooring based on its looks. There are tons of factors to consider when choosing the right tile flooring for your home. Below are some buying tips that’ll help you:

1. Invest in quality and proper installation

Most homeowners are reluctant to choose the higher priced option which may cause problems in the long run. Make sure to hire professional tile flooring services to ensure that your tiles will last for decades!

2. Invest in substrate preparation services too

The subfloor where you wish to install tile flooring needs to be completely flat, smooth, and defect-free. Failing to ensure this before installation may result in weak spots that are prone to cracking.

3. Ask for each tile's ratings

Tiles normally have four to five ratings that can help you determine its quality and use. The following are the tile flooring ratings you can ask for:

  • Grade -- measures quality
  • Wear rating (PEI rating) -- only for glazed tiles
  • Water absorption rate (W.A.) -- can tell if the tile is ideal for wet areas or outdoors
  • Frost rating -- ability to withstand freeze and thaw cycles outdoors
  • Tone rating -- variation from tile to tile in attempt to mimic stone

We Offer Professional Tile Flooring Services

Your home needs professional tile flooring service that you can trust. We can help you bring out the beauty in your home while making everything durable and safe.

Brighton Flooring delivers the finest selection of high-quality flooring products. We can provide you with tile flooring for any room in your home. It can also last for years even on low maintenance!

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